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But really need that bitcoin money. Got soul by the P’s, you can’t get a zip from me, we ain’t new to it G we ain’t choose to live bummy, wrapped in my thoughts all mummy. I’m growling all hungry. The end is near, I’m snorting clear. You follow signs monkeys, I’m poppin’ P’s w all my peers. I hear all with my ears, nothings known without nostrils. I See the solace in your bones, fix your posture. I act like nothing bothers me & I should win an oscar. Margined ‘cause my skin tones on Jose & Oscar. Get it crackin’ like some lobster. Spring heads bobbin’. This is for my bastards in sweatshirts , bully’s of bully’s & wolfs & goblins. Mesmerizing martians, terrorizing targets, flying fucking flawless, telepathic martyrs, imbecile invasion. Get waxed like rosin. Needa Marry Janis Joplin, buy a house with fuzzy walls and some fury ass carpet. Bury wells often, infinitely indoctrin-nate You dog, Rest In Peace The Godfather. Never hate involved, smile sweet smoke sour. I spend centuries, outside of all my hours. Give you golden flowers, turn ‘em into golden showers. Cut ties with all cowards, greediness devours. Real lords empower, ominous never tower. Reinvent the router, I cough and taste powder.

- Explore and I expand, I endure and I enhance. Diethyl-amide event just waiting to happen. My people spend they whole life waiting for caskets. Safari out the ‘rarri, I’m just browsing to banish. Hush, hush, psychedelic mush munch. Smoke purp & push “Shush”, communication custom. It only took Eminem 8 miles of style. I got tons of that sick shit, I’m just driving the pile. I’m only here for awhile, and you just live in denial. (GOT) blood on the table, leave your brains on the tile. Gasoline In yo’ face, body wrapped in some tires, mud in the tub, throw your clothes in the fire. No finger prints on the shells, breaking spells, can’t tell, I think heavens just a fake ass hell. Delusion improvement, breaking barriers with music. Get the fuck out the joke or get the fuck out the movement. I don’t give a fuck like it’s casual, going harder than a statue. Homie it’s gradual. Diamond back, all these snakes rattle at you. From the grave to the cradle, live long & skin cattle. I lack Moral trust like I have to, get it cracking like pistachios you know the hash rules.

- As I watch my flesh rot this the smoke that I pot, roof that I top. Bombs tick-in like an arm in a watch. Alibi’s we’re, too far gone for bygones. I will die selling my soul to Tucson. Ima needle in a haystack. Needles at the parks where kids play at, disassociated I remain that. Deep where you find ya’ pain at, you died where you were slained at. I spit like cocaines black, let’s change that. Sick of coming up shorter than gnomes out of a barbers home. Released as I was thrown with my martyrs stone. Fuck a camera & a drone, you can’t invade my home. Ima surprise ya’ like some chocolate out the bottom of cones. I feel the drugs connect, between & within my wrongs. More up than set, cells inside the chromosomes. Dark liquor gettin’ chugged out the canteen. Image vibrant and canning, took a flick of my future and started dancing. Freedom is what we’re chanting. Fuck police & give ‘em a plan B. Lasso sounds just like Andy. Watch my flesh rot this the smoke that I pot, pixie where is my mind?! I think I lose it a lot!


from Kirlian, released February 7, 2020


all rights reserved



The Lasso Michigan


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