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U turns on the freeway, I need more leeway. ‘Til my e-n-D-day I’ma speak in tongues no delay. Boutta wild out like PJ. Growing larger, times grow longer, Trippy Valens, a very vulgar monster. (you) Need a calendar to call me. All you humans is so Mids like August, better grab me when you’re fallin. Im all in, eatin your stomach lining I’m craw fish. How did I? How did I DAW this? Pneumatic, ecstatic establishment, sovereign nation full of savages, mad mansions full of lavish shit. What kinda land is this? Hoe I been smoking since been smoking, you don’t smoke with no windows open. Fuck swag, I seen trends eloping. Get the bag or you can get going, slip in the mag just to get focus, smoking bomb flower like lotus. Gettin stewie like griffin Lois, Mad to the Max Motherfuck POTUS. Diamonds in the rough, kings that’s couldn’t notice. I don’t gotta bluff, rings hold and they capture moments. He got a wallet and he started folding. (He) did just what I said when I told em not to, it feels great to fuck up, it feels better not to. Hand in the Cookie of the jar when they caught you. Yo you left your burner at home? It’s coo I gotchu. Let’s meet at the swap foo! Get smoked like a blunt and yet I brought 2! Get the product straight to you from the factory. Mafia music like I got a whole bands of G’s, kiss my scars tear off the bandages. Just to take advantage of, my “un-management”. I dust limits, I’m blunt scented, my runs ended, fuck the world, kiss her ass then I, cum in it. Original wig splitters, throat slitters, hand-to-hand mans and the dope spitters, trip sitters. Ishaboi, flowin’ river, I got an apetight for demolition sides of dinner. Still the flyest Mexican inside of the airport. We finna die anyway, why I care for? I’m a rare Thor reboot in cheap boots and leather crests, German pistol on the left, from the side of Vest’s. Checker out her chest, Pecker out the rest. Find a flotation device to balance stress, En serio, insidious.


from Kirlian, released February 7, 2020


all rights reserved



The Lasso Michigan


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