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Gravewave 02:35
U turns on the freeway, I need more leeway. ‘Til my e-n-D-day I’ma speak in tongues no delay. Boutta wild out like PJ. Growing larger, times grow longer, Trippy Valens, a very vulgar monster. (you) Need a calendar to call me. All you humans is so Mids like August, better grab me when you’re fallin. Im all in, eatin your stomach lining I’m craw fish. How did I? How did I DAW this? Pneumatic, ecstatic establishment, sovereign nation full of savages, mad mansions full of lavish shit. What kinda land is this? Hoe I been smoking since been smoking, you don’t smoke with no windows open. Fuck swag, I seen trends eloping. Get the bag or you can get going, slip in the mag just to get focus, smoking bomb flower like lotus. Gettin stewie like griffin Lois, Mad to the Max Motherfuck POTUS. Diamonds in the rough, kings that’s couldn’t notice. I don’t gotta bluff, rings hold and they capture moments. He got a wallet and he started folding. (He) did just what I said when I told em not to, it feels great to fuck up, it feels better not to. Hand in the Cookie of the jar when they caught you. Yo you left your burner at home? It’s coo I gotchu. Let’s meet at the swap foo! Get smoked like a blunt and yet I brought 2! Get the product straight to you from the factory. Mafia music like I got a whole bands of G’s, kiss my scars tear off the bandages. Just to take advantage of, my “un-management”. I dust limits, I’m blunt scented, my runs ended, fuck the world, kiss her ass then I, cum in it. Original wig splitters, throat slitters, hand-to-hand mans and the dope spitters, trip sitters. Ishaboi, flowin’ river, I got an apetight for demolition sides of dinner. Still the flyest Mexican inside of the airport. We finna die anyway, why I care for? I’m a rare Thor reboot in cheap boots and leather crests, German pistol on the left, from the side of Vest’s. Checker out her chest, Pecker out the rest. Find a flotation device to balance stress, En serio, insidious.
Tobe 03:44
Shrooms is molded, caps is golden, face swollen you cant notice, killing shit without a motive, poltergeist inside my poems. You can’t wait until, I rise up and build, something that you can’t steal, something you can feel life ain’t real. Military issued, tanks & some missiles, don’t know what I’m into, deep like dido. Ever since a kiddo, looking up to killers, drug handlers & dealera. Roll a phatty if you hear me! (They) Wanna merk me in my city, bang bang w the chitty, gang gang got a semi. Too gone, know you hear me, chillin at the pad like Lily’s. Smoking blunts cause it’s filling, know my strengths cause I’m willing. Knowing ancestors healing, stuck in a room living. Face numb losing feelin, face numb lookin silly. (Hook) Shrooms is molded, caps is golden, face swollen you cant notice, killing shit without a motive, poltergeist inside my poems. You can’t wait until, I rise up and build, something that you can’t steal, something you can feel life ain’t real- I just think my brain is out! Got the sauce, yo’ face sour kraut. At a loss, Jesus would be never proud, mama mama mama look at me now! Catch me in a distance, I’m on a mission. You don’t ever listen, pants all pissed in. Wearing navy blue and red like a piston. Cops gave me tickets, (I) spit in his face & I ripped it! Boi pussy, male kitten. Got nothing to do with his gender. Hit emotions like fender, shove yo’ puppy in a blender! I gotta watch my temper, I’m just an angry camper, im the fucking shit, no pampers. (Got) cum rags in my hamper, (Hook) - Po pimpin’ & I pander. Express myself like panda. Tore in two (Toronto) like Canada, ground work I’m the janitor. Solange, I’m a fan of her. Protons through the camera. I weigh tons like Santa does, kill your ego like angel dust. Let it ruunnnn. - Living for a reason, I can’t ever see it. I don’t have a meaning, I don’t even mean it. Mid-ma (MDMA) yeah I be really beanin’. Mid month, ”Midsommar” crazy screaming. Krishna got my spirit laser beaming. Actavis gotchu’ In-active leaning. Activist not protesting, make me leave it. Police don’t protect, they be scheming. Through the tunnels, yeah that’s how we got the tree in. Smoke for innocents, yeah I hope they free em. Too $hort, Yee I be gettin’ it. Don’t do court, never going In. Always going in, only chief with friends, fuck a weak amends, never shaking hands. They don’t like the music, they just weaker fans. Prolly racist, I can’t take offense.
And I hardly feel threatened. Gained so much confidence, it’s hard to fit my head in. Room lonely of broken platoons, I’m a medic. Tweakin’, molding and holding a tune ‘til my head aches. Kam’ with the motor & the packs, no Fedex. Sex feeds my soul & I love it & I let it. Hollow in a troll, give a fuck about a Reddit, forum, holding a magazine for ‘em. Kicking the coldest game in the biggest auditorium, doors open like Deloreans, huh! Strings tight, all kites, lighting in a bottle & we’re crooks by night. Chakras follow & they guide me to the light. Es Beyond-seances & weed pipes. To the left & to the right fuck everything you own look up and take a flight. (Hook) Gotta get your move on, everybody better come through and groove on. Too high you was smoking out the moon bong! You can never, ever, ever eat a shroom wrong, don’t be too calm, don’t take too long! (MotorKam) - And I’m back baby! And yo’ ass is at fault like black pavement. I done came thru, all swag ain’t it? Took her back, blew it out, now you mad waiting. Cock suckers call the cops when you see me comin. I’m out here stealing hearts, whole summer I been gunning. Shootin shots, shoots shoot in here like Jon Gruten how I Raid her fridge. Take a trip, now we outer space on some naked shit. But we can get spiritual, evidence empirical. Never put no fear in me, but I put the fear in you! Black daddy, bitch I milk the game like cereal. My dogs came through and we kicked it n Mysterio. We got that funk so don’t try. The same n***a to put that bump up in yo’ eye. Me and spirit got it locked, why would we lie? Now next year it’s over for y’all, that’s no surprise. MotorKam (Hook) (PSY) - No longer threatened by life. It’s lied & it’s died and even came at me with knives. I tried & I've fried & even gave up on what’s right. Pondi’s cooking classics on Ableton Lite. I groove on the wave all risks, she looking real lovely why’ont you come gimme a kiss. Educated, talented & born with a gift, it’s phonky, I put it on yo’ face have a lick. I’m Chomsky, come have a taste of my (Ah). Eddie Murphy bitch I keep it Real RAW. You can’t unsee what you saw. We made this whole world with these hands give applause like, clap clap clap clap, crack, bass & a guitar. Don’t forget the strap. Minotaur on a star, pineal glands on they pinnacle. Physical is minimal, homie, the name is PSYPIRITUAL. (Hook) Gotta get your move on, everybody better come through and groove on. Too high you was smoking out the moon bong! You can never, ever, ever eat a shroom wrong, don’t be too calm, don’t take too long!
Layman 02:15
Riddle me stupid, diddley ruthless. Carl sagan is not satan or Judas. Priest’s lie & they tie down kids, I tye die shirts, & 1/3 my 5ths. 4-7, balance on the floor reverend. Magnetic reference, (i’m) the dude by the door Devin. Stretchers inevitable, infectious & credible to ledges don’t bite yo’ tongue when you mention us. Grind teeth & I wear down bones. It’s all Gucci mane, I don’t care bout clones. Toothpaste people non-participating players. Send flowers to his mother & C4 to the Mayor. (Hook) My room stank, got clothes everywhere. Running outta dank and my bank half clear, I don’t know who to thank first quarter of the year. Shit get deep I’m just glad we still here. Entelechies respect me, geometries the recipe. No human is less me, I let your thoughts undress me. What’s poppin’ like a Pepsi? Kurtis Blow on a jetski. Roll a joint for Jet Li. Rihanna got the Fenty. I got a book of faces, chats in different places, snaps like a snake bit a rat by his ankles. A trap set in place by soul sucking system, in a house built on boogies. Got them body rockin’ rhythms huh. (Hook) I lose faith with entities that I bare. Running outta change, take a look in the mirror. Ain’t nobody to blame, ain't got nobody to cheer. Immolates, morons & magic revere
Cesar Llavez (free) 02:10
El morro, no aguanta la Barra, le enchanta la vida mala, cocaina en la casa. You smoking machaka, viendo el gordo y la flaca. Abre la lata, tu amigo es ratta. Morra, como esta, show me a donde ir y nos vamos pa ya. Reached the end of the tier con la buena mota. We could do this all year, quita Te la ropa. (Hook) - I just had to fall in, nail in the coffin polished, I give you all my love I promise, close my fist. Lemme get a two step and a twist. She looked so good, sucking my teeth I grew a lisp. - And it go like this, toro por el oro & I live righteous. She serve me my drink, I don’t ever spike shit. She fell in love with the spirit she don’t even like men. (Hook) - I just had to fall in, open the abyss no challenge, nail in the coffin polished. Got the holy grail and I’m finna show my friends. Tantisima santisima, su Alma’s starvin’. - Baby, haste paca. Vivo por mi gente tu sabes mi raza. Vatos todo violente les damos la trakkas. Humo por todo lado tu sabes bien Rasta eyy. Ya sabes que quiero estar con tigo. Si me quieres ver llama le al rodrigo. Vamos a comer, un Gallo bien pico, Te llevo pa la casa pa que entiendes el rhythmo. (Hook) I just had to fall in, nail in a coffin polished, I give you all my love I promise, close my fist. Lemme get a two step and a twist, telepathic love baby you my dolphin.
I live for the cause of evolution, cosmic constitution requires restitution. 1080-p resolution, overflow the market, overdose included. Movement conclusion. I don’t be fucking with nobody unless they already fucking with me. Stubborn & brick-headed, getcho wig spliced, I lidocaine the sea. I regain some ibogaine, you died off when The Mayans came. Leo was the lions name & he would terrorize terrrains. (I promise you don’t gotta do this) “Move it!”. All I needs a scale and a stove, an island with a field & a patch of some road. I don’t know what to feel, psychedelics off a toad, never know what is real all my visuals erode. Scalping with such skill, this the life that I chose, prophecy revealed I embellish & promote. (Hook) She say she in love, I never feel like I’m enough. Oh, where’d you come from? You can tell me the truth it’s only us. I think I’m in love, what reality are you from? Tell me the truth it’s only us, you don’t need nobody else to trust. Let’s go half on a dutch.
c2=a2+b2 02:26
Let’s have a good time beyond the black rainbow w Mandy. Cooking dope & time traveling in the back of a Camry. Naturally, alter gravity with my sanity. Specialty: Carving reality with profanity. Happily, carry more-eyes like a fantasy. Police brutality in the top 10 tragedies. In actuality, nationality is a strategy, make me feel like my tongue is an abnormality. I unwillingly take you out your comfort & misery. Wishing I could get the Innocent out penitentiary’s. Stealthy, wealthy politicians going missing. Leaving fear in they hearts & body parts in my kitchen. Unforgiven, my lyricisms just a prison for a Christian, out flows oxygen (Ahhh). Driven with precision, I envision division with no religion, gotta make the decision. (Hook) - Lipton pimpin, call me lover “P”. I love my women but I live sugar free. My personality is my opportunity, I move units G, in a light you can’t see. - Ability, for humanity to leave poverty, will eventually, change mentality, possibly. Positively, can’t smoke? Pass it to me (please) jam Hope in a pocket that’s free! (Hook) Lipton pimpin, call me lover “P”. I love my women but I live sugar free. My personality is my opportunity, I move units G, in a light you can’t see. - Everybody loves war & I offer the piece, nobody likes chores, but they want clean laundry. Gotta speak the fuck up it’s my ancestry, carry trauma like a lama & my land with me. Master in the music studio, free every slave, writing on the wall, no torch in the cave. I feel like, but I’m not Jesus, I can’t save, just remember all the laughs and the love that I made.
Nuketown 03:40
But really need that bitcoin money. Got soul by the P’s, you can’t get a zip from me, we ain’t new to it G we ain’t choose to live bummy, wrapped in my thoughts all mummy. I’m growling all hungry. The end is near, I’m snorting clear. You follow signs monkeys, I’m poppin’ P’s w all my peers. I hear all with my ears, nothings known without nostrils. I See the solace in your bones, fix your posture. I act like nothing bothers me & I should win an oscar. Margined ‘cause my skin tones on Jose & Oscar. Get it crackin’ like some lobster. Spring heads bobbin’. This is for my bastards in sweatshirts , bully’s of bully’s & wolfs & goblins. Mesmerizing martians, terrorizing targets, flying fucking flawless, telepathic martyrs, imbecile invasion. Get waxed like rosin. Needa Marry Janis Joplin, buy a house with fuzzy walls and some fury ass carpet. Bury wells often, infinitely indoctrin-nate You dog, Rest In Peace The Godfather. Never hate involved, smile sweet smoke sour. I spend centuries, outside of all my hours. Give you golden flowers, turn ‘em into golden showers. Cut ties with all cowards, greediness devours. Real lords empower, ominous never tower. Reinvent the router, I cough and taste powder. - Explore and I expand, I endure and I enhance. Diethyl-amide event just waiting to happen. My people spend they whole life waiting for caskets. Safari out the ‘rarri, I’m just browsing to banish. Hush, hush, psychedelic mush munch. Smoke purp & push “Shush”, communication custom. It only took Eminem 8 miles of style. I got tons of that sick shit, I’m just driving the pile. I’m only here for awhile, and you just live in denial. (GOT) blood on the table, leave your brains on the tile. Gasoline In yo’ face, body wrapped in some tires, mud in the tub, throw your clothes in the fire. No finger prints on the shells, breaking spells, can’t tell, I think heavens just a fake ass hell. Delusion improvement, breaking barriers with music. Get the fuck out the joke or get the fuck out the movement. I don’t give a fuck like it’s casual, going harder than a statue. Homie it’s gradual. Diamond back, all these snakes rattle at you. From the grave to the cradle, live long & skin cattle. I lack Moral trust like I have to, get it cracking like pistachios you know the hash rules. - As I watch my flesh rot this the smoke that I pot, roof that I top. Bombs tick-in like an arm in a watch. Alibi’s we’re, too far gone for bygones. I will die selling my soul to Tucson. Ima needle in a haystack. Needles at the parks where kids play at, disassociated I remain that. Deep where you find ya’ pain at, you died where you were slained at. I spit like cocaines black, let’s change that. Sick of coming up shorter than gnomes out of a barbers home. Released as I was thrown with my martyrs stone. Fuck a camera & a drone, you can’t invade my home. Ima surprise ya’ like some chocolate out the bottom of cones. I feel the drugs connect, between & within my wrongs. More up than set, cells inside the chromosomes. Dark liquor gettin’ chugged out the canteen. Image vibrant and canning, took a flick of my future and started dancing. Freedom is what we’re chanting. Fuck police & give ‘em a plan B. Lasso sounds just like Andy. Watch my flesh rot this the smoke that I pot, pixie where is my mind?! I think I lose it a lot!
Macrowave 04:13
It look like an apparition made an entry, no ice in his cup just Henny. Look! An apparition made an entry! With no ice in his cup just henny! - I bought my MIDI refurbished. Move with the wave of the currents. Get a hold of light and curve it just to give my life some purpose. I lack anything but courage, watch the noise nourish. You want respect on your block? Go outside and earn it. 42 Klonopins in, I wanna win. Black telons for the ops, kalishnakovs for ya’ kin. Exorcism dope, Make your head spin, throw up on your pastor then you take a hit again. Came with the smoke, out-casts and dragons (drag-ins). Mentos can that I kept my tabs in. Uppers, no xans, blunt matchin‘. Roses, no crans, berries in the gin. Get buried in the city of sin it’s all grins. One way out, in a box, no love, all limbs. Break & get shocked, hard as trans-missions. I need all my people united just like the kingdom. (Europe) You’re up for the Dutch, don’t czech choke! Did you see that gerbil fucking that hamster? Damn! Feel like I did too many drugs in Amsterdam. Phone about to die and no one answer, damn. 6% percent, I’m still bent. Campfire sex, this shit is fucking intense. I got reconsiderations, never carry regret. Coldest across every continent, and oceans between them. Fiend for better salary & fiends is fiending. Stick my foot in every door tryna get my team in. Fluctuation off the broccoli, steaming. You now live the apocalypse, streaming. Make you whisper for the truth, you gotta lean in. The cups half empty, you fell off leanin’. No desire to lose, fighting and bleedin’. Rather die from assassination. The End. I be gettin’ so ghost so empty. Lookin’ for the mo’ soul? I got plenty
Jimi 02:22
Lemme give it ya like I never knew ya, scream loud as you want baby sock it to me. I’m the Sargent of the peppers you can call me Jimi. Vices change vision every fucking penny. Roll the thang a lil’ Luther (looser), Martin path the remy. All up in yo’ space and you still don’t hear me. Lemme show you to it, it’s gone take a few, layers of yourself. Hold on to the intangible. Ancestral eclectic Im celibatin’. I don’t give a fuck and you best respect it. All my Imperfections make me a legend. Masculine & Feminine, stay on track no matter the key you in. We got new portals in cave man! Fire outta thin Air, I’m a cave man. Road bumpy like lament. Soul brothers Eatin’ food that taste Asian. Mandela, Mystery in the makin’ Goodfella, Joe Pesci in a basement. All you ever needed was yourself to know, I take the power of the mind to get where I wanna go, take a life out your time create what you want to grow. Hover on the LEGO like “what’s poppin?” I ain’t wash my car one time since I got it. Modest, lemon on the lobster. Dancin’ with the wolves, no Kevin Costner. I wanna run the country like posner, snakes never hesitate no, no pausin’. Here’s another drug to sedate no problem. Sparkin’ off in the club, no bottles. Contacts over my pupils they glow in darkness. Glass shatters between me and my target. Gimme 5 points like a starfish. (Marvelous) (Hook) Lemme give it ya like I never knew ya, scream loud as you want baby sock it to me. I’m the Sargent of the peppers you can call me Jimi. Vices change vision every fucking penny. I got a glimpse of heaven, it was fuckin’ empty. Check your bags in it’s all complimentary. We need a revolution, we don’t need an entry. I’m the man, fuck a year I need a whole century!
I’m running for president, make it public. Resynchronizing structure, all of this shit is rubbish. Wizardry out the covenant, deep sleep to recover. Beetle souls out the rubber, find peace or find cover. (Hook) Signs, sacraments involving giants at night, August 21st is mines I’m sluggish and I don’t remember nothing. Days turn to hours, and I fall out the discussion. On the May flower in October it’s disgusting. If the homie can’t vouch then I can’t trust you. On the couch all slouch, think I forgot something. Bars by the code think I’m just another number. All I needs the pitch got the bases all covered, pillow on your face all smothered. Way too many drugs I got fucked up, no rubbers. Lemme find my center, fuck it, let me get another. Still sharp as splinters in hands all bothered, boil & pop just like a collar off color. Trouble, me for stogie if you need it. Ima get a lil’ hot, here’s an extra lighter just keep it. There’s something really missing in your aura I can read it. What month were you born in? Nevermind, just leave it. (Hook) Signs, sacraments involving giants at night, August 21st is mines. It doesn’t ever hurt to shine. Murder me in my prime, currently I’m a crime. My wife’s a whole dime 10 times. Couldn’t explain with 10 rhymes, 9 pianos & 8 chimes, 7 quarter ounces, 6 64’s bouncing, 5 mountains, 4 hands & 3 mouths’s. Takes 2 + 1 just to go to counseling. I don’t need a reason, I don’t wanna live without her. Know I made it hard to trust this, but baby don’t doubt me. Young OG in the game, no fouling. (Hook) Lies, built on compromise & more lies so the truth gets harder to find. Got a place just for you in my mind. You can have it all when regarding my time. One.
I’ve learned how to hold onto love. You have the universe In your palm. I don’t even want it all, if you’re not involved. (Verse) You always trippin on shit that ain’t even happening. Pacing, chasing highs no satisfying grasp to it. Ripped and chapter-less, stories full of tragic shit. I’m lovin’ illusions & you tryna hold a hand ‘n shit. On the other, the world is full of madness. Shooters shootin’ schools, schools even make a class of it. Our histories tainted, No mistaking, open up your soul hoping for change, everyone won’t make it. (Bridge) I know, that I’m yours. Will you be mine until the end? Even then, we won’t believe in this (life). We’ll at least have our energy & spirits left. (Hook) I’ve learned how to hold onto love. You have the universe In your palm. I don’t even want it all, if you’re not involved.


Westside Tucson (Barrio Hollywood) native Psypiritual and Detroit producer the Lasso's new album is "Kirlian." Named after the high voltage photo technique that reveals auras, the album is a bombastic synthesis of Sonora & Wu-Tang - smokey, soulful, and reflective like a Jobim piano part. From guitar solo’s to lush pads & translucent synths, time was traveled as Psypiritual & The Lasso created a record devoted to their local experiences both personally and culturally. A laid back mix of psychedelic instrumentation and blunt scented word play from the deserts of Southern Arizona. 

 "lush analog synths, bossa nova guitar chords, and dubbed-out acoustic percussion."

Southwest border rap through the lens of underground Detroit musicality.


released February 7, 2020

Written & Produced by Psypiritual & The Lasso
Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Chateau Lasso, Detroit, MI
Art & Design by Mylkweed

Executive Produced by Michael Tolle & Andy Catlin
Distributed by The Orchard
Mello Music Group 2020
Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth


all rights reserved



The Lasso Michigan

Detroit based multi-instrumentalist / producer.

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